From Ashes Beneath

by Marsh of Swans

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This five-track sojourn into the history and spectral landscape of eastern Kansas, as conceived by the collaboration of two musicians, was inspired by the bloody events of the Marais des Cygnes Massacre. From Ashes Beneath was written, recorded and produced from July of 2015 to August of 2017.


released August 20, 2017

Marsh of Swans is:

BC – vocals, bass, guitars, synths
CJ – guitars, drum programming, synths


All songs by Marsh of Swans.

Reading in “From Ashes Beneath” from “Le Marais du Cygne” by John Greenleaf Whittier.

Recorded in Spring 2017 by BC and CJ at the Hall of Shaded Glass.

Mixed and mastered by Brad Trinkl and BC at the Sandbox.

Album artwork by Matt Janzen and CJ.

Band photography by Fally Afani.

Thank you to Brad Trinkl, Elexia Kilgore, Fally Afani, Nick Spacek, Josh Barber, the Honeycutts, Jake Waters, Scott Beye, John Trefry and a bevy of others who have supported us.


all rights reserved



Marsh of Swans Lawrence, Kansas

Atmospheric/melodic black metal from Lawrence, KS. Inspired by local history and influences within and beyond the genre.

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Track Name: Dreams of Light
Trapped by dreams
Pulled from consciousness
Expanding blight

Whispers levitate
Sequences of meaning
This collective surreal

The suspension of being
Dreams of fear
Dreams of light

The suspension of feeling
Dreams of fear
Dreams of light

In moments drawing power
In a haze to the mind’s eye

Confronting the shroud
Belying fate

In finite arrays
Into gnawing maw

Born of death
Void of life
Vestigial, cloying spirit

Worms beneath
Let them feast
Depart, float beyond

The suspension of being
Dreams of fear
Dreams of light

The suspension of feeling
Dreams of fear,
Dreams of light
Track Name: Blood in the River
The cannon roars
And screams of pain
Echo here

The flash of steel
And dying breath
Linger here

Hold fast do a dying whim
Righteousness assured
That servitude is law
And freedom is absurd

Take up killing arms
Strike the traitors down
Avenge the massacred
And free the bound

Forces gather to disrupt the light
And corrode a free land
A new frontier in the battle
For the souls of men

Blood runs in the river
Stain the earth with crimson
Track Name: Levitation
Track Name: Out Amongst the Stars
A curtain of starlight hangs down
Over all men on this plain

Through schism and strife
This landscape is the same

Through aeons
Across the eras
Celestial bodies uncaring
As life comes to death

Time beyond all measure
Any counting by man
Humans hold dominion over nothing
From earth we came, and will return

This planet a cosmic chariot
Out amongst the stars

Our hands grasp for purpose
For clarity and light
But winds of time erode
Nothing left but sky
Track Name: From Ashes Beneath
Of binding and manifestation
Of rigor and struggle

Floating freely
Through dark spaces of time

Elucidation elapsed
Despair floods the sky

Noose of liberation
Defenseless deceit
Dragged naked and battered
Blood running cold


Excerpt from "Les Marais du Cygne"

Unwarned and unweaponed,
The victims were torn

From ashes beneath,
And the crown of his harvest
Is life out of death.

Not in vain on the dial
The shade moves along,
To point the great contrasts
The reeds of the Swan's Marsh,
Whose bloom is of blood!


Searching for hope
Dry breath and scarred hands

The plight of thy will
Scattered on land

Forced underneath
Through lifeless soil
Desolate grey, endless toil

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